• CEDRION, one of the winners of the Santander x100

    CEDRION, one of the winners of the Santander x100

    In October 2022, Cedrion was a winner of Santander X “Countdown to Zero”, a global competition in which more than 600 entrepreneurs from 11 countries participated. 
    This challenge wanted to award and support initiatives from startups and scaleups which help to advance in the sustainability of the automotive industry. 

    F1 and Santander decided to work together in the context of achieving the goal of being net zero by 2030.

    The jury was looking for a solution that could have a critical impact in the future, that could make logistics and transport more sustainable and that could offset carbon emissions through innovative CO2 programs.

    Cedrion’s winning proposal was our cooling technology for the electronic devices of electric cars, which are totally silent, smaller and lighter than the traditional solutions. This allows a substantial weight saving which directly implies an improved efficiency and the saving of consumption, which is a major and key challenge that the automotive sector is addressing nowadays.

    Winning this award implied that we now are part of Santander X 100, a global entrepreneurial community designed only for the principal projects of Santander which promotes and gives us access to networking, training, capital and other resources.
    Moreover, among the 3 winning scaleups we were given 90.000 euros, which was a boost for our project and allowed us to keep investing in our facilities and find and work on new advancements.

  • Our solution for electronics cooling in the aerospace sector wins at Hello Tomorrow

    Our solution for electronics cooling in the aerospace sector wins at Hello Tomorrow

    Cedrion won the last edition of Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2020, in which more than 4000 applicants from more than 100 countries had the opportunity to show their solutions to major problems across different industries. 

    We won in the aeronautics area with our cooling technology solution. In the aeronautics sector, a big amount of electronics are used and they need to be smaller and to have more capacity. In addition, they have to be cooled for the overall functioning and efficiency of the final product. 

    We propose a solution based on Plasma which is much smaller and lighter than traditional ones and therefore, efficiency is directly improved.
    For Cedrion, Hello Tomorrow is a global community where  you can meet major startups that propose groundbreaking and innovative solutions and it represents an opportunity for exploring the deep tech world in detail.

    Take a look at our winning pitch to know more about our solution! HERE

  • How can CECRION contribute to the automotive sector?

    How can CECRION contribute to the automotive sector?

    The ABC has published a story in which it explains how CEDRION contributes to technological change in the automotive industry, oriented towards the electric car of the future, much more connected with people, safer, autonomous and above all more sustainable.

    Right now, Spain is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe, and component manufacturers, such as Cedrion, are responsible for approximately 75% of the global value of the vehicle. But this number will increase along with an increase in technological sophistication

    But this transition to electric cars has caused manufacturers to need more electronics, which in turn creates more heat to manage. CEDRION contributes to the cooling of electronics with an innovative proposal, smaller and lighter, quieter and more compact than the solutions seen up to now.

    Take a look at the article!