Our solution for electronics cooling in the aerospace sector wins at Hello Tomorrow

Cedrion won the last edition of Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2020, in which more than 4000 applicants from more than 100 countries had the opportunity to show their solutions to major problems across different industries. 

We won in the aeronautics area with our cooling technology solution. In the aeronautics sector, a big amount of electronics are used and they need to be smaller and to have more capacity. In addition, they have to be cooled for the overall functioning and efficiency of the final product. 

We propose a solution based on Plasma which is much smaller and lighter than traditional ones and therefore, efficiency is directly improved.
For Cedrion, Hello Tomorrow is a global community where  you can meet major startups that propose groundbreaking and innovative solutions and it represents an opportunity for exploring the deep tech world in detail.

Take a look at our winning pitch to know more about our solution! HERE