CEDRION, one of the winners of the Santander x100

In October 2022, Cedrion was a winner of Santander X “Countdown to Zero”, a global competition in which more than 600 entrepreneurs from 11 countries participated. 
This challenge wanted to award and support initiatives from startups and scaleups which help to advance in the sustainability of the automotive industry. 

F1 and Santander decided to work together in the context of achieving the goal of being net zero by 2030.

The jury was looking for a solution that could have a critical impact in the future, that could make logistics and transport more sustainable and that could offset carbon emissions through innovative CO2 programs.

Cedrion’s winning proposal was our cooling technology for the electronic devices of electric cars, which are totally silent, smaller and lighter than the traditional solutions. This allows a substantial weight saving which directly implies an improved efficiency and the saving of consumption, which is a major and key challenge that the automotive sector is addressing nowadays.

Winning this award implied that we now are part of Santander X 100, a global entrepreneurial community designed only for the principal projects of Santander which promotes and gives us access to networking, training, capital and other resources.
Moreover, among the 3 winning scaleups we were given 90.000 euros, which was a boost for our project and allowed us to keep investing in our facilities and find and work on new advancements.